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"Dougal wants us to be married."
"I know."
"And you're willing?!"
Well...you've mended my wounds more than once, figured I owed you something for all that.
*nailed it*


also i can assure you that if a restaurant is out of something, it’s four thousand times more inconvenient for the people working there who are getting yelled at every time a new customer arrives and gets disappointed than it is for your entitled ass who can go somewhere else to buy something, so don’t be a shitass

koramberlynne asked:
okay, so obviously now we need to see when sid met oscar winning actor geno, and how they started dating, and what people thought when they found out...

when he first hears that geno malkin is at a pens game, sid first thinks it’s a joke.

"very funny, duper," he says, pulling off his jersey. "next you’re going to tell me he’s wearing my jersey."

when he looks up, he finds duper staring at him and nodding.

"no," sid says, shaking his head. "you’re fucking with me." it’s something duper would do — sid drunkenly rambling at age 20 how he would totally go for the hot spy in the new christopher nolan film is something he’ll probably never live down.

"dead serious," duper replies, holding out his phone. "it’s on instagram and everything."

"oh," sid says, and he can’t help grinning to himself. he’s a lot more mature than he was at twenty — for one thing, he’s actually dated people, rather than keeping his bisexuality to liking actors — but still.

it’s kind of cool, having geno malkin as a fan.


okay, it’s seriously cool showing geno malkin around. sid’s fully aware it’s for pr — anne and geno’s pa watching with starbucks clutched in their hands reminds him of that — but this is still geno malkin, whose movies have won oscars and who parties in places like ibiza and who is way, way, way too cool for sid. sid expects it to be awkward between them, like half of the things he’s done for pr with celebrities, but somehow it just — isn’t.

"you going to show me around?" geno — sid can call him geno, this shit is so cool — asks, grinning at sid and looking over his sunglasses. “hear you get lost.”

"don’t," sid says, laughing despite himself. "i already get this from the team, i don’t need it from you."

"is okay. i’ll trust you," geno says, nudging sid with an elbow. sid didn’t expect him to be this charming in person, but whenever the conversation threatens to get awkward, geno just smiles and offers a sly comment or a goofy face.

the camera people film sid showing geno around the arena, leading him through hallways and showing off the locker rooms. they were planning to just stick to the halls, but sid spies geno looking longingly at the skates and, well.

"we could take a couple laps around the ice, right?" he asks, and seeing geno grin out of the corner of his eye makes it clear that sid thought right.

sid leads geno out on the ice too, everything snapping into muscle memory on the ice. surprisingly geno follows just behind, skating strong and fast, like he’s done it before.

"you play?" sid asks, and geno laughs, nodding.

"before on tv show, thought maybe i play hockey. then, of course, get on screen," geno says, grinning at sid in a way that makes it impossible for sid not to smile back.

"well, you’re really good," sid tells him, admiring the way geno pushes off. "it’d be fun to play with you some time, you know, when you aren’t filming or whatever."

"really?" geno asks quickly, sounding just as eager as the little kids sid plays ball hockey with in the summer. "you mean it? would love to."

"yeah," sid says, turning and skating backwards to face him. "i bet you’re good."

"not as good as you," geno says, glancing down at the ice and half smiling. "you’re best in the world."

"i’m okay," sid says, and geno shakes his head.

"best," he repeats. he looks like he’s going to say something else, but then anne and geno’s pa are calling for them from the sidelines, and sid turns to skate over towards the boards.

"you really should come skate," he says, once they’re back in the locker room, pulling off their skates. "you can text me or something. it’d be fun."

"need number," geno says, raising his eyebrows, and sid almost has to laugh — geno fucking malkin is asking him for his number. to go skate, sure, but still.

"sure," sid replies, grinning, "just give me your phone."


an hour later, right when he’s settling down to watch hgtv, sid has a text from an unknown number. this is geno!!! free this weekend???

sunday would be good, sid replies, unable to keep from smiling. geno malkin is texting him. un-fucking-believable.

Space Plagues
Space Jam vs. Prince of Egypt






Space Jam vs. The Prince of Egypt | Space Plagues

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Evanjalin and Phaedra from The Lumatere Chronicles by Melina Marchetta :)




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modern Morticia Addams